NCI-Roberts Construction has renewed its focus on building and remodeling churches and nonprofits, allowing its sister division to lead commercial projects for other public and private entities. A new logo and tagline honor this renewed vision as well as the company’s history.

A division of JG Development since 2011, NCI-Roberts Construction shared commercial building responsibilities with sister division National Construction over the last five years.

Having launched two new residential construction brands in 2015 – Brio Design Homes, a custom home builder, and Vive Home Transformations, an elite residential remodeler – JG Development owners Jeff and Mary Grundahl recognized the potential value in concentrating each commercial division’s specialty.

NCI-Roberts earned a reputation as “the local church builder” early in its history as Roberts Construction Associates, and later applied its unique process to the nonprofit sector. The division is excited to return to its roots and focus on building and remodeling churches, Christian schools and nonprofits.

A new NCI-Roberts logo honors this history and vision. The logo features an arrangement of shapes reminiscent of stained glass windows common in places of worship. The triangles incorporate the company’s origins as Roberts Construction Associates (who’s logo featured three red arrows), as well as its present as one of four divisions of JG Development. The logos of JG Development and each of its divisions (NCI-Roberts Construction, National Construction, Brio Design Homes and Vive Home Transformations) all incorporate a red “keystone” triangle.

A new NCI-Roberts tagline, “Building for Good,” reflects our commitment to be stewards of the hard-earned resources of our church and nonprofit clients, and keep their missions at the center of what we do.


History timeline of NCI-Roberts ConstructionLearn more about NCI-Roberts history, visit the JG Development website, or contact NCI-Roberts Construction today – we’d love to partner with you!

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