ministry funding solutionDiscover a comprehensive ministry funding solution that not only revolutionizes the traditional capital campaign process, but also engages entrepreneurs within the church, integrates for-profit business models, and leverages the power of crowd funding and planned giving.  

NCI-Roberts Construction and our partner Building God’s Way recently presented a seminar, “Grow, Fund, Build and Sustain Your Vision,” to explore this ministry funding solution.  Presentations covered strategies for truly engaging with your community; how to establish, fund and build the ministry’s vision; and how to sustain your ministry for the future.

The seminar is available for online viewing for those who weren’t able to attend.  Contact our office if you would like to receive the presentation via email, or read more about our partnership with Building God’s Way.

If you are interested in attending a similar seminar in the fall of 2018, send us an email, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

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