You’ve organized a building committee. Now what?

Some committee members may work in the construction industry. Others may have experience on building committees. Still others may have no experience at all, but they’re passionate about your organization or congregation.

Here are 14 questions to get them started working together, no matter their experience. These are also a great reference for leaders still weighing the pros and cons of taking on a building project.  

  1. How does this project fulfill your vision, mission and values?
  2. Who will be involved in the planning process?
  3. Who will lead the planning process?
  4. Who uses the facility – daily, weekly, monthly, annually? How does current use differ from 5 years ago, and how do you expect it to be used 5 years in the future?
  5. How much has our community grown, and how much is it expected to continue to grow? What about surrounding communities?
  6. What indoor functional areas should be included?
  7. What outdoor functional areas should be included?
  8. What technology, appliances and furnishings should be incorporated?
  9. What relative locations of the above indoor and outdoor functional areas are important?
  10. When should the project begin? When should the project be completed?
  11. Where will the project be located?
  12. How will the project be funded?
  13. What existing elements must be considered?
  14. Is there anything else that needs to be considered to plan for the future?

Download A Building Committee’s Guide to Success, which features these 14 questions, plus comprehensive checklists to make sure you think of everything. It works well as an agenda for your committee’s kick-off meeting, even if it’s just to determine what they don’t yet know.

And of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in any way!

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