We build for good. NCI-Roberts Construction has a renowned history of religious and nonprofit construction in the Madison metro and southern Wisconsin. We have a process proven to serve individual and committee-led project management, and align with donation-dependent funding. So your congregation or organization can be certain of the quality of your facility, and its ability to serve your community and its mission.

For congregations, a church is so much more than a building. It’s where you worship and connect with a higher power and yourself. It’s where you start and grow friendships and the bonds within your family. It’s an auditorium, a conference center, a daycare, school, community and senior center – even a coffee shop or restaurant.

For nonprofits, a building serves so many purposes. It’s where you unify and inform your staff and volunteers. It’s where you make a difference. It’s a training center, a care facility, a call center, a board room. It’s mission control.

No matter what type of organization you are a part of, you know your space must be flexible.

You can expect flexibility from us as we work to construct your vision. We pride ourselves on quality construction and service tailored to your specific needs. We have built and transformed nearly 200 places of worship and nonprofits among the almost 500 projects we’ve completed since our founding in 1981. We meet the needs of these unique projects with a process encompassing design, fundraising, volunteer labor management and progress communication.

We pledge to be stewards of your resources and keep your mission at the center of what we do.

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Our clients receive surveys throughout their experience with NCI-Roberts Construction from Avid Ratings, an independent research firm. We are happy to make an annual report of our survey results available to you. We also invite you to read the client testimonials that are incorporated into our project pages.