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church plans

Grace Lutheran Church & Preschool

Dodgeville, WI
Services: Remodel
Architect: Delta 3 Engineering - Platteville, WI

Storage and a modern design improve fellowship for church members, preschool students and staff

View into kitchen and service counter before
Cramped kitchen
Peninsula and service counter before
Kitchen and peninsula before
Outdated kitchen

An outdated, cramped kitchen at Grace Lutheran Church & Grace Christian Preschool had been a challenge for members and staff for many years. NCI-Roberts Construction transformed the space into a functional, ADA-approved workspace that the congregation and staff actually enjoyed using.

The focus of the project was to create more functional work and storage space. The kitchen’s former layout made it difficult for multiple people to work at the same time, especially if they wanted to sit while preparing food. This was particularly challenging for more senior members who often prepared for funerals and other events. A table was used as a temporary island and was always in the way.

View into new kitchen and wider service counter
Functional kitchen with durable, easy to clean surfaces
Large island and service counter
Counter shutter door
New dishwashing zone with stainless steel counter and commercial grade dishwasher
Designated hand washing sink
Accessible island with a lowered workspace
New VCT flooring and exterior windows

In order to create a more functional layout, NCI-Roberts removed an existing peninsula in favor of a more accessible island with a lowered workspace specifically for individuals in wheelchairs. A wider service counter was added, complete with a counter shutter door to make closing up easy, and a designated hand washing sink eliminates crowding around the faucet during meal preparation.

A new dishwashing zone, complete with a stainless steel counter and commercial grade dishwasher, makes cleanup simple and sanitary. A second refrigerator and freezer were added to help ease the burden of storage space. New VCT flooring and exterior windows further spruce up the space by aiding in insulation and streamlining the cleaning process.

The project was expected to take four months, but NCI-Roberts completed it ahead of schedule.

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