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Humane Society of Jefferson County

Jefferson, WI

Capital campaign and low maintenance, high functioning facility enables nonprofit to increase funds designated for direct animal care

Society outgrows facility intended to be temporary

The Humane Society of Jefferson County operated for nearly 40 years out of a 3,500 square foot repurposed dog kennel that was believed to be the oldest operating animal shelter in the state of Wisconsin.

The facility was never intended to support the level of use undertaken by the society, which is staffed 65 hours each week and serves more than 1,000 animals each year. Challenges included:

10,000 square foot, state of the art facility
New facility increased space by 6,500 square feet
Attached garage and adjacent pens for overnight arrivals
Back of building with fenced dog runs
Outdoor dog runs
Two-story lobby directs visitors to respective areas
Reception area with metal roofing
Cage-free playroom for cats that doubles as a meet and greet room
Community/education room for meetings, events, animal training and children’s day camps
Community/education room also serves as rental for income and community give-back
Dog kennels with epoxy floor and wall systems, aluminum stainless steel enclosures and masonry walls
Quarantine and isolation area for sick animals
Veterinary room and attached surgery room
Surgery room
Food prep room with stainless steel counters
Double-screened “catzebo” allows cats to spend time outdoors
Outdoor dog kennels

New facility nearly triples square footage and maximizes function

After years of planning and nine months of construction, a new 10,000 square foot, state of the art facility just down the hill from the society’s first home was completed with widespread community support. Features include:

Unique to the project is a double-screened “catzebo” that came about when project leaders saw an opportunity to extend what would have been a notch in the building. It allows cats to spend time outdoors without risk of hazards.

Health and cleanliness a priority

Special care was taken to accommodate in-house medical care, ensure animal health and disease prevention, and maintain cleanliness for staff, volunteers and visitors.

A dedicated medical complex with a large veterinary room and attached surgery room was constructed with specialty equipment and finishes including stainless-steel counters, a surgery counter, diagnostic lighting and a drop-down exam table. It also has its own sink and washing machine to prevent the spread of disease.

Quarantine and isolation areas were added for sick and dangerous animals. A separate animal grooming room includes a ramp to the bathing area for large animals and fiberglass reinforced plastic covering for the walls to prevent moisture damage.

Showers for staff and volunteers prevent the risk of them transferring disease to their own pets at home. High-quality HVAC systems feature air ionizers and a separate air exchange in areas for ill animals.

Community, contractor support

The humane society achieved much of its $3 million capital campaign prior to occupying the new facility; additional donations allowed them to eliminate a mortgage. An impressive 140 volunteers were scheduled for training following an open house.

NCI-Roberts delivered an impressive give-back to the nonprofit following the project’s completion, in part due to facilitation of $60,000 in savings through creative design. The contractor incorporated a loft into the second floor of the lobby that allowed them to eliminate the need for a building-wide sprinkler system. In addition, subcontractor donations to the project totaled $25,000.

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